Horizontal Elliptical

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Major Axis Position:       Horizontal       Vertical

Internal Tank Dimensions:

E1 =  m     E2 =  m     c =  m

  Level (L) =   m      Length      %
Results Memo
Volume of the Contents m3
Volume of the Contents (%)   %        
Total Tank Volume m3
Internal Tank Area (Total) m2
Weight of the Contents (1) kgf

  Level Variation ( m


1- The weight of the contents is calculated for a gravitational acceleration equal to 9.80665 m/s2 (sea level)

2- The calculation of the internal area uses one of the formulas for approximation of the ellipse perimeter (Ramanujan - 1914). Therefore, despite presenting a very small error, the total internal area of the tank is not exact


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Unit of Measurement of Length:
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Specific Weight of the Contents () =   kg/m3


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