Mass Flow Rate

kg/s kg/s
kg/min kg/min
kg/h kg/h
kg/d kg/d
g/s g/s
g/min g/min
g/h g/h
g/d g/d
mg/s mg/s
mg/min mg/min
mg/h mg/h
mg/d mg/d
t/s t/s
t/min t/min
t/h t/h
t/d t/d
lb/s lb/s
lb/min lb/min
lb/h lb/h
lb/d lb/d
ton(short)/s ton(short)/s
ton(short)/min ton(short)/min
ton(short)/h ton(short)/h
ton(short)/d ton(short)/d
slug/s slug/s
slug/min slug/min
slug/h slug/h
slug/d slug/d



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Number Notation

Exponent Notation

Notation example:
12345.6 ou 1.23456e+4

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