Mass Concentration

kg/m3 kg/m3
g/m3 g/m3
mg/m3 mg/m3
µg/m3 µg/m3
kg/L kg/L
g/L g/L
g/dL g/dL
mg/L mg/L
mg/dL mg/dL
mg/mL mg/mL
µg/L µg/L
µg/dL µg/dL
µg/mL µg/mL
ng/dL ng/dL
ng/mL ng/mL
gr/gal (US) gr/gal (US)
gr/gal (UK) gr/gal (UK)
lb/gal (US) lb/gal (US)
lb/gal (UK) lb/gal (UK)
lb/ft3 lb/ft3
ppm (1) ppm (1)
Density of the Solution (ρ) =   kg/m3  (g/L)


Note 1:

Parts per million (ppm) is a dimensionless notation and, therefore, can only be used as a unit of measure of concentration, equivalent to mg/L, in aqueous solution of low concentration, with density equal to that of water (1000 kg/m3), since in this case one liter of solution has a mass equal to 1000 grams, being 1 mg/L = 1 mg/1000 g = 1 g/1000000 g = 1 ppm. For conversion of ppm to mass/volume concentration units, in solutions with different densities from 1000 kg/m3, fill the calculator field with the solution density value. For more information, see article from Wikipedia.


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